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Shelby Herrera  January 7, 1976 - December 29, 2023

Shelby Herrera was more than a chapter president to those of us at AACFA. Shelby was an inspiration, a reflection of what comes from hard work, perseverance and dedication to an idea. Shelby came to us at Tail of the Dragon in 2021 and asked if she could start a chapter of AACFA down in Dallas/Ft Worth. Now at this time AACFA was just getting started and we didn’t really know how it was going to grow and whether our idea would even work. Shelby was the one who proved to us that it could. I can safely say that without Shelby, we would not have AACFA as we know it today.


One of Shelby’s most joyous passions was her work in the creation & launching of that chapter to which she served as Founder and President. Shelby touched many lives not only in the car community but from her passionate participation in all she did including 4H in Uniontown, barrel racing in her teen years and early 20s, the rescue of and care for dogs and horses, racing Shockin at Texas Motor Speedway & many cruises most notably Tail of the Dragon in both 2021 & 2022, as well as her openly sharing all that she endured in her cancer journey.


Shelby, Tail of the Dragon was your favorite event and it was where we all came together for the first time. Because of that, our trips there will always have you included and remembered.


For all of us, Shelby, we will see you in due time on the eternal cruise.

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